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Welcome to the craziness of my life! I’m a wifey, dog mom, espresso martini connoisseur, Minnesota based content creator, living out my wild life here on social media.

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I think I’m Human Too

The human behind the screen! I wanna chat and let loose of things I’ve held onto for YEARS and I want people to know they are never alone, no matter what they’ve been through. Building my social media has been such a fun journey for me but I truly feel there is more purpose for me out there and I hope that shows through this podcast. Whether it’s just me venting to a mic, or millions of people tuning in, I am human and I want y’all to know more of me. So welcome, follow on Instagram to engage every week, and I hope its a great day for you wherever in life you may be.

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Bleep That Out

Welcome to BLEEP THAT OUT! If there’s anything about Savannah & myself, we keep things reallllyyyy real and really raw in our relationship. Almost too real & raw. We say what’s on our mind and we also don’t keep any secrets in our friendship. 

Each & every week, we’ll sit down, spit out any and everything – random and hilarious is our forte 🤩

We hope you find some humor, love, advice, and friendship in our weekly chats. We love you SO FKIN MUCH!

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